Classic Japan Rally 2019 R134


From 1920's to 1950's the Mille Miglia which took place in Italy held an open road endurance race travelling 1600 kilometers.
From here, each European country, each with dignity devoted their time to create a state-of-the-art technology making automobile to make a faster car.
It has contribute to multifaceted improvement of modern industrial production technology and its benefits.

The automobile culture is a brilliant modern history, beginning from people in Europe.
At this modern days, automobile culture are carefully inherited and cherished to all generation.

After Japan has undergone a high growth period,
many Japanese ancestors were able to be part of automobile culture in Europe and many world's valuable classic cars were imported.
This valuable classic cars were well kept and cherished by the owners, mechanics and body shop specialists.

For Japan, the history of car culture is short, though we have always cherished our tradition, value and skills.
The cars produced more than 80 years ago are maintained in the same condition as the ordinary cars even in the long distance rally exceeding more than 1000 kilometers.
Condition and environment has been made for good maintenance to have classic cars run as equally like general cars.

Though in modern days (to repair) is getting much more difficult taking over technical skills.
Like historical buildings, there is no doubt that classic cars are also a historic cultural heritage as well.

Passing on to the children of next generation, let them feel and experience the sound of classic car engine.
By being able to experience, we hope they will be interested in admiring classic cars and respect the "technician" who supported Japan.

We would like to build up and continue this classic car culture with local government,
Rotary Club and many friends who loves classic cars.

classic car images classic car images classic car images


Route 134 starts in Yokosuka, a road that connects to Miura District of Hayama, Zushi, Kamakura and Oiso.
It is one of the National Highways in Kanagawa Prefecture where you can feel the sea breeze along the scenic route.

Yokosuka is an International port city where Japanese and American culture blends together.
Viewing rich nature such as Oogusu Mountain (known as hiking course) and Tateishi Coast.

Jogashima Island, part of Miura Peninsula is well known for its scenic scenery where landscape that condensed
and Miura is one of the leading tuna landing ports in Japan where you can enjoy fresh seafood.

Hayama facing Sagami Bay, overlooking Enoshima and Mt. Fuji, known and chosen as one of the hundred shore.
The magnificent coastline and mountains lush with greenery entertains our eyes season by season.

Route 134 where scent of summer remains in the month of September.
So why not drive with your Classic Car while feeling the fresh wind of early Autumn.


Day1《 Practice Run 》

Mikasa Park
Uraga Dock*
Jogashima Keikyu Hotel
Mikasa Park ( Classic Cars Illumination )
09:30  START
09:45 ~ 11:15
11:35 ~ 13:00
13:15 ~ 16:00
18:30 ~ 21:30

Day2《 Rally 》

Mikasa Park
Nagasaka ( PC competitions venue )*
Soleil Hill
Nagasaka ( PC competitions venue )*
Hayama Motomachi Shopping Street
Hayama Marina
Mikasa Park
10:00  START
10:40 ~ 12:00
12:00 ~ 12:45
13:00 ~ 14:15
14:00 ~ 15:10
14:45 ~ 15:30
14:50 ~ 16:00
16:00  GOAL

Time and schedule may be subject to change without notice.
*Please note that this area is not permitted to enter for general public.


Event Name : Classic Japan Rally 2019 R134
Event Location : Yokosuka City / Miura City / Hayama Town and surrounding areas
Event Schedule : Total 2 days - Saturday, September 28th ~ Sunday, September 29th, 2019
        (*Saturday, September 28th is the Practice Run)
* Saturday, September 28th … "Practice Run"
  9:30am Start at Mikasa park
   ** Conduct the competition method, manner class and how to read road book class.
   ** Running according to the road book and performing PC competition practice in the practice venue.
   ** For the first time participants, we have prepared the Beginner's Briefing.
  6:30pm - 9:30pm Vehicle display light-up at Mikasa Park
* Sunday, September 29th … "Rally"
  9:30am Start Ceremony at Mikasa park
  4:00pm Goal Ceremony at Mikasa Park
Accommodation : Saturday, September 28th at KANNONZAKI KEIKYU HOTEL
Award Ceremony : Sunday, September 29th from 4:30pm at MIKASA Historic Memorial Warship
・Dress Code : None
Participants : 67 cars
Eligible Vehicles : ・ Vehicle entries must be sports type vehicle (originally) manufactured
  in Europe or America from year 1919 to 1973.
・ Vehicles must be approved by the Event Organizer.
・ Replica vehicles are not eligible to participate.
・ Vehicles must have a valid number plate with valid car registration and valid period of inspection
  certificate until the conclusion of the event.
・ Vehicles manufactured in 1945 or earlier will be prioritized to participate.
・ Vehicles participated in Mille Miglia will be prioritized for this event.
Competitions : 40 sections
Rally Rule : ・ Stamp Rally - Follow according to the route map for all check points to receive stamps.
・ PC Competition - Standard time running measured in 1/100 of a second.
Entry Fee : Saturday, September 28th … "Practice Run"
■ 40,000 yen per vehicle for a crew of two, tax included.
This plan for a crew of two includes :

*Lunch (Sept. 28)
*Official Sticker
*Credential Pass

 ** This PC competition practice will not reflect in ranking.

Saturday, September 28th … "Accommodation"
■ One room / Crew of 2 54,000 yen (tax included)
■ One room / Crew of 1 32,000 yen (tax included)
This plan for a crew of two includes :

*One night accommodation at KANNONZAKI KEIKYU HOTEL
*Saturday, Sept. 28 - Dinner (Welcome party)
*Sunday, Sept. 29 - Breakfast

Sunday, September 29th … "Rally"
■ 70,000 yen per vehicle for a crew of two, tax included.
This plan for a crew of two includes :

*Lunch (Sept. 29)
*Official Sticker
*Credential Pass
*Followed by Award Ceremony with commemorative gifts, non alcohol drinks & etc.

Hosted By : Impression Co., Ltd.
Sponsors : Porsche Japan KK / Nihon Michelin Tire Co.,Ltd. / MOTUL of Japan K.K. / Keikyu Corporation /
Seiko Watch Corporation / FUKUZO.Inc / Kitamura Co., Ltd. / Premium Car Care Japan K.K. /
NINKI INC. / Hayashi Farm / Ozawa Clinic / Sougo Co.,Ltd. / Shonan Historic Car Club /
Safety Life・GO&FUN NAGOYA / Local Future Research Center
Under the Auspices : Kanagawa Prefecture / Yokosuka City / Miura City / Hayama Town
Facility Cooperation : Historic Memorial Warship "MIKASA" / Mikasa Park / Promotion association of Dobuita Shopping Street /
Soleil Hill / Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry (CRIEPI) /
Hayama Motomachi Shopping Street / Hayama Marina
Media Cooperation :
Photographers : Naoya Murata / Takumi Sakusabe / PRESIDE
Provision Cooperation : NASC / Takaharu Ito Seminar of Wako University

How to Enter

Thank you indeed for many entry to Classic Japan Rally.
As of July 31st, 2019 we have closed the entry application.

Please Contact Us whenever you have questions.

Entry List

No. Driver / Co-Driver Car-ModelYear Date Photo
01 Kyoto Takemoto(D) INVICTA 4 1/4 LITRE 1928 × / 29th car_photo
Junko Takemoto
02 Hidehito Suzuki(D) BUGATTI T37 1928 × / 29th car_photo
Hakuo Kato
03 Manabu Yamazaki(D) MG C-TYPE MONTLHERY 1932 28th / 29th car_photo
Masayoshi Yamazaki
05 Kiyoshi Yabe(D) MG PA 1934 28th / 29th car_photo
Chiaki Yabe
06 Nobuo Komiya(D) MG N-TYPE MAGNETTE 1935 28th / 29th car_photo
Yoshiko Komiya
07 Shingo Kojima(D) FIAT BALILLA 1935 × / 29th car_photo
Toshihiro Yatsu
08 Ichiro Tanaka(D) RILEY 1938 28th / 29th car_photo
Kazumi Kondo
09 Norihisa Morita(D) MG TA 1938 28th / 29th car_photo
Arisu Morita
11 Seiichi Nakamura(D) MG TC 1946 28th / 29th car_photo
Tomomi Nakamura
12 Hajime Atari(D) BANDINI 1100 SPORT 1947 × / 29th car_photo
Motohiro Atari
13 Keishi Nakano(D) GIAUR TARASCHI 750 SPORT 1951 × / 29th car_photo
Mitsuteru Ishikawa
14 Yoshinobu Kato(D) PANHARD DYNA 110/X85 1951 28th / 29th car_photo
Miyoko Kato
15 Yujin Yusa(D) SIMCA 8 SPORT 1951 28th / 29th car_photo
Naoko Yusa
16 Masafumi Yamamoto(D) MG TD 1952 × / 29th car_photo
Tomomi Furu
17 Sachio Togo(D) JAGUAR XK120 DROPHEAD COUPE 1953 28th / 29th car_photo
Maki Uruno
18 Takeshi Kuritani(D) AUSTIN HEALEY 100-4 BN1 1954 28th / 29th car_photo
Miku Kuritani
19 Ikuro Matsuba(D) AUSTIN HEALEY 100 1954 × / 29th car_photo
Yumiko Matsuba
20 Takashi Arakawa(D) TRIUMPH TR2 1954 × / 29th car_photo
Mieko Arakawa
21 Hiroaki Tasaka(D) JAGUAR XK120 1954 × / 29th car_photo
Akiko Tasaka
22 Kohei Azuma(D) AUSTIN HEALEY 100 1954 × / 29th car_photo
Kosei Tsuchida
23 Yoshitaka Nishimura(D) AC ACE 1955 28th / 29th car_photo
Iruka Mamiya
24 Kiyoshi Ozawa(D) TRIUMPH TR2 1955 28th / 29th car_photo
Toru Kamei
25 Hideyuki Fukuhara(D) TRIUMPH TR2 1955 28th / × car_photo
Atsushi Hasegawa
26 Manabu Kubo(D) TRIUMPH TR2 1955 28th / 29th car_photo
Nobuchika Ikeda
27 Kunihiko Sasaki(D) TRIUMPH TR3 1956 × / 29th car_photo
Masako Sasaki
28 Kozo Araki(D) MGA 1956 28th / 29th car_photo
Shigenori Araki
29 Kazunari Orihara(D) ALFA ROMEO GIULIETTA SPIDER 1956 28th / 29th car_photo
Noriko Orihara
30 Kenji Kajiwara(D) MGA 1956 × / 29th car_photo
Koichiro Fukasawa
31 Yukio Hara(D) AUSTIN HEALEY 100BN2 1956 28th / 29th car_photo
Ayako Hara
32 Ken Yokoyama(D) AUSTIN HEALEY 100/4 BN2 ※Retire 1956 × / 29th car_photo
Tomoaki Hagino
33 Masuo Sawada(D) PORSCHE 356A SPEEDSTER 1957 28th / 29th car_photo
Ryoko Sawada
34 Mitsugi Sekine(D) MGA 1957 × / 29th car_photo
Chikara Matsushita
35 Hiromitsu Hayasako(D) FIAT ABARTH 750GT ZAGATO 1957 × / 29th car_photo
Taishiro Hayasako
36 Masato Hashimoto(D) TRIUMPH TR3A 1958 × / 29th car_photo
Takanori Shimohira
37 Kazuhisa Hashimoto(D) ALFA ROMEO GIULIETTA SPIDER 1958 × / 29th car_photo
Yasue Onohara
38 Yoshifumi Onishi(D) ALFA ROMEO GIULIETTA SPIDER VELOCE 1958 28th / 29th car_photo
Ayako Onishi
39 Nariaki Hatakeyama(D) TRIUMPH TR3 1958 28th / 29th car_photo
Saori Hatakeyama
40 Kiyoyuki Okuyama(D) AUSTIN HEALEY SPRITE 1959 × / 29th car_photo
Daisuke Saito
41 Toru Shimada(D) MGA 1959 28th / 29th car_photo
Yushi Hoshino
44 Tomokazu Kawase(D) LANCIA APPIA ZAGATO GTE 1960 × / 29th car_photo
Manabu Morita
45 Masaaki Inoda(D) PORSCHE 356B ROADSTER 1960 28th / 29th car_photo
Ryoji Ogiwara
46 Eiji Shimada(D) ALFA ROMEO GIULIETTA SS 1960 × / 29th car_photo
Taichi Sato
47 Mitsuteru Tsukamoto(D) ALFA ROMEO GIULIETTA SPIDER 1960 28th / 29th car_photo
Yukie Akutsu
48 Keijiro Hada(D) PORSCHE 356 ROADSTER 1961 × / 29th car_photo
Mariko Hada
49 Tetsuro Takeoka(D) PORSCHE 356C CABRIOLET 1963 28th / × car_photo
Hitomi Takeoka
50 Kazuhiro Yoshikawa(D) AUSTIN HEALEY BJ7 3000 1963 28th / 29th car_photo
Yasuyuki Kobayashi
51 Takashi Komori(D) PORSCHE 356SC 1964 × / 29th car_photo
Mari Tsunoda
52 Takahiro Teshigawara(D) ALFA ROMEO GIULIA 1600TI 1965 × / 29th car_photo
Isamu Machida
53 Shigeto Ueda(D) LOTUS ELAN 1966 28th / 29th car_photo
Ritsuko Ueda
54 Eitaro Satake(D) LANCIA FULVIA COUPE 1966 28th / 29th car_photo
Etsuko Satake
55 Tadanori Nagakubo(D) PORSCHE 911S 1967 28th / × car_photo
Aya Nagakubo
56 Hirokazu Ishiwata(D) DATSUN FAIRLADY2000 1967 28th / 29th car_photo
Emiko Ishiwata
57 Takeshi Ando(D) CHRYSLER NEWPORT CONVERTIBLE 1967 28th / 29th car_photo
Harue Ando
58 Yoshiaki Ninomiya(D) DATSUN FAIRLADY SRL311 1968 28th / 29th car_photo
Reiko Ninomiya
59 Toru Matsunaga(D) LAMBORGHINI ISLERO 1968 × / 29th car_photo
Hitoshi Tsuchiya
60 Yumi Misaki(D) TRIUMPH SPITFIRE 1968 28th / 29th car_photo
Mika Miyazawa
61 Kunihiro Ozawa(D) ALFA ROMEO 1300GT JUNIOR 1968 × / 29th car_photo
Masaya Yoshida
62 Akira Asanuma(D) DATSUN SRL311 1969 28th / 29th car_photo
Hideki Ushiki
63 Shigeru Hikino(D) MAZDA COSMO SPORT 1969 × / 29th car_photo
Harue Tabata
64 Yoshiyasu Ogawa(D) MGB Mk.3 1971 28th / 29th car_photo
Keiichi Yamada
65 Toyohiko Saida(D) ISUZU 117COUPE 1971 × / 29th car_photo
Masafumi Aoyama
66 Yoshihiko Suzuki(D) MORGAN 4/4 1971 28th / 29th car_photo
Ryo Suzuki
67 Junichi Kimura(D) PORSCHE 911 1971 × / 29th car_photo
Nana Sone
68 Emii Matsunaga(D) PORSCHE 914 1971 × / 29th car_photo
Miyuki Matsunaga
69 Satoshi Tsuboi(D) MORGAN 4/4 1972 28th / 29th car_photo
Hiroshi Hisakado
70 Wataru Kaneda(D) JAGUAR E-TYPE SERIES 3 1973 28th / 29th car_photo
Kuniko Kaneda
71 Naoya Hayama(D) VOLKSWAGEN KARMANN GHIA 1973 × / 29th car_photo
Miki Hayama

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