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As a satellite event of "Hama-Fes Y161", a port opening memorial event
which conveys the history of the opening of Yokohama Port,
classic cars from the 1920s to 1973 gather on Yokohama Motomachi Shopping Street
and this 520km classic car rally over three days starts.
We go around exotic areas, "Bashamichi, Kannai, Yamashitacho, Yokohama Chinatown, Motomachi and Yamate"
and visit "Izu Shimoda", which tells us about the history of the opening of the port,
and "Nishiizu", where the beautiful and varied coastline stretches out in front of you.
In addition, we drive through "Hakone", where fresh green leaves dazzle your eyes, and "Minamiashigar",
where you can feel a pleasant wind blowing through the forest road, then return to
Yokohama Motomachi Shopping Street to applaud cars, drivers and co-drivers for their good fight for three days.

AboutWhat is a Classic Car Rally ?

Course Points

StartYokohama Motomachi ~ Shimoda ~ Hakone ~
GoalYokohama Motomachi


The rally starts at "Yokohama Motomachi Shopping Street",
one of the well-known commercial districts of Yokohama.
We pass through two stamp points and head to "Shimoda Tokyu Hotel" overlooking Oura Bay.


Just after the start, we compete consecutive PC competitions,
then take a break at "Iwashina School" designated as a national important cultural property.
Many more PC competitions are scheduled before and after lunch.
Our lunch will be fresh seafood dish from Numazu. The finish line is in "the Hakone Open-Air Museum".


After competing a PC competition first thing in the morning, we enjoy a hot breakfast in "Manazuru Town".
We compete PC competitions in two places, then go back to Yokohama Motomachi Shopping Street,
finishing the long three-day journey.

Main areas where the event is staged

Yokohama Motomachi
Yokohama Motomachi
Born along with the opening of Yokohama Port,
it is a beautiful attractive area with
historical and traditional cobblestone streets.
A port town opened by the arrival of
the black ships of the United States led by
Commodore Perry at the end of the Edo Period.
There are many beautiful scenic spots created by
nature such as Lake Ashinoko and Sengokuhara.
Mt.Fuji can be seen from these spots.


Event Name Classic Japan Rally 2020 YOKOHAMA Y161
Event Location Yokohama City / Hakone Town / Shimoda City and surrounding areas
Event Schedule Total 3 days - Rally on Friday, May 22nd ~ Sunday, May 24th, 2020
*Exhibition Event at Yokohama Motomachi Shopping Street on Friday, May 22nd from 12:30pm to 2:00pm. (to be planned)
*Start at Yokohama Motomachi Shopping Street on Friday, May 22nd at 2:00pm.
*Exhibition Event at Yokohama Motomachi Shopping Street on Sunday, May 24th from 2:30pm to 3:30pm. (to be planned)
*Goal Ceremony at Yokohama Motomachi Shopping Street on Sunday, May 24th at 3:30pm.
Participants 60 cars (to be planned)
Eligible Vehicles
  • Vehicle entries must be sports type vehicle (originally) manufactured in Europe or America from year 1919 to 1973.
  • Vehicles must be approved by the Event Organizer.
  • Replica vehicles are not eligible to participate.
  • Vehicles must have a valid number plate with valid car registration and valid period of inspection certificate until the conclusion of the event.
  • Vehicles manufactured in 1945 or earlier will be prioritized to participate.
  • Vehicles participated in Mille Miglia will be prioritized for this event.
Rally Rule
  • Stamp Rally - Follow according to the route map for all check points to receive stamps.
  • PC Competition - Standard time running measured in 1/100 of a second.
Competitions 46 sections
Hosted By Impression Co., Ltd.
Sponsors Porsche Japan KK / Nihon Michelin Tire Co., Ltd. / MOTUL of Japan K.K. / Seiko Watch Corporation / FUKUZO.Inc / Kitamura Co., Ltd. / RK Enterprise Co., Ltd. / Premium Car Care Japan K.K. / MAC MECHANICS TOOLS Co., Ltd. / SATOH GROUP / Team Nino / Safety Life・GO&FUN NAGOYA / NINKI INC. / Hayashi Farm / Ozawa Clinic / TREMEZZO CO,.LTD. / NUMATA Co.,Ltd. / Sougo Co.,Ltd. / Shonan Historic Car Club / Link, INC.
Under the Auspices Kanagawa Prefecture / Shizuoka Prefecture / Izu City / Shimoda City / Minamiizu Town / Matsuzaki Town / Numazu City / Hakone Town / Yugawara Town / Manazuru Town / Minamiashigara City
Jointly Hosted Yokohama Central Town Festival Executive Committee
Facility Cooperation The Yokohama Motomachi Shopping Street Association / Osanbashi Yokohama International Passenger Terminal / Kanefuku Mentai Park Izu / Irozaki Ocean Park / Iwashina School (National Cultural Heritage Site) / Amagi Furusato Park / Uchiura fishery cooperative / The Hakone Open-Air Museum /Cape Manazuru / Kanto Gakuin University Odawara Campus / Ashigara Forest Park Maruta-no-Mori / Asahi Beer Brewery Kanagawa / SHIMODA TOKYU HOTEL / The Prince Hakone Lake Ashinoko / HOTEL NEW GRAND / FUJIKI GROUP
Media Cooperation NEKO PUBLISHING CO., LTD. - Car MAGAZINE Editorial Department
Photographers Naoya Murata
Provision Cooperation NASC / Takaharu Ito Seminar of Wako University / PRESIDE

To all participants

Participation Guide

Entry Fee

280,000 yen per vehicle for a crew of two, tax included.

A complete package for a crew of two :

*1st night accommodation at Shimoda Tokyu Hotel
*2nd night accommodation at The Prince Hakone Lake Ashinoko
*Fri, May 22 - dinner
*Sat, May 23 - breakfast, lunch & dinner
*Sun, May 24 - breakfast, lunch & dinner
followed by Award Ceremony and Farewell Party with commemorative gifts, etc.
Practice Run

Friday, May 22nd at 8am
*For the first time participants, we have prepared the Beginner's Briefing.

Car Inspection & Check In

Friday, May 22nd at 9am
Osanbashi Yokohama International Passenger Terminal


1st night: Friday, May 22nd at Shimoda Tokyu Hotel
2st night: Saturday, May 23rd at The Prince Hakone Lake Ashinoko

Additional Post-Accommodation for one night (optional)

Guests who wish to stay for post-night accommodation, we are offering the Hotel New Grand.
*Room rates:
-For one room / one person 20,000 yen per night, breakfast and tax included
-For one room / two persons 24,000 yen per night, breakfast and tax included
*Please make this room payment together with the entry fee.
Award Ceremony

Sunday, May 24th at 6:00pm at Hotel New Grand "Admiral Perry's Room"
Dress Code :
Ladies : Nice & casual
Gentlemen : Casual (Jacket required)

[Important] Cancellation announcement of the event