The Kunisaki Peninsula, where you can view rich nature and feel the nice autumn breeze.
The Shikoku Mountains, where the range of divine and precipitous mountains rises, and the beautiful coastline of Setouchi.
The concept of our rally is "interacting with people with a smile" along the way
and we connect the areas which have different histories and cultures from Kyushu to Kobe.
This time we will drive on a route of 1,100 km, which is never taken before, over four days.
We will follow various winding roads and the coastline of the Seto Inland Sea alternately
so we are sure that you can experience the real thrill of a classic car rally.

AboutWhat is a Classic Car Rally ?

Course Points

StartMoji 〜 Beppu ~ Oita ~ Dogo ~
Setouchi Shimanami Kaido ~ Tosa ~ GoalKobe


We start our rally at “Mojiko Station”.
The station is the first station building designated as a national important cultural property,
and was restored to its Taisho period look in 2019.
We drive on a beautiful winding road through "Yabakei",
one of the new three scenic spots of Japan,
then head to Beppu Kannawa Onsen where steam is rising from its hot springs.


We leave Beppu Onsen and head to Oita Agricultural Park where challenging consecutive PC competitions will be held.
We travel around the Kunisaki Peninsula surrounded by beautiful mountains and enjoy interacting with children in Kitsuki City,
then take a ferry from Saganoseki in Oita to Cape Sada in Shikoku.
We drive through Sadamisaki Melody Line while viewing the sea stretching out on both sides of the road,
and at the end of the day, relax and refresh at “Dogo Onsen”,
one of the three oldest hot spring resorts in Japan.


We leave Dogo Onsen for Shimanami Kaido.
We visit "Oyamazumi Shrine" known as the guardian deity of Japan in Omishima,
then go back to Imabari City via Shimanami Kaido to take a break at the Towel Museum.
Afterwards, we go directly to Tosa Kochi,
taking a mountain-crossing route where you can experience the deep Shikoku Mountains and the magnificent great outdoors.
Enjoy "straw-seared bonito" at the hotel.


After greeting the statue of Ryoma Sakamoto at Katsurahama Beach,
we drive through a route among mountains in the "Oboke"
and "Koboke" gorges carved out by the torrent of the Yoshino River running through the Shikoku Mountains.
We cross a low-water bridge, and have a relaxing time at "Udatsu no Machinami" in Mima City, Tokushima,
then compete the final PC competition at "Hotel Anaga" on Awaji Island
and head to the finish line in Kobe via the Akashi Ohashi Bridge.

Main areas where the event is staged

A port town which has a retro and modern mixed atmosphere.
It's like a scene from the old days from the Meiji to the Showa period.
The city of hot springs known nationwide for Beppu Onsen.
This tourist city is visited by more than eight million people every year and also designated as an international tourist hot spring cultural city.
Oita ~ Dogo
Oita ~ Dogo
Kokudo Kyushi Ferry runs from Kyushu to Shikoku.
Dogo Onsen, depicted in the novel "Botchan", is considered Japan's oldest hot-spring resort.

Setouchi Shimanami Kaido
Setouchi Shimanami Kaido
A bridge route of approximately 60-km long that connects Honshu and Shikoku.
You can enjoy the view of the many beautiful islands in the Seto Inland Sea and the majestic bridges connecting the islands.
Tosa is dotted with scenic spots with a view of the Pacific Ocean including Katsurahama Beach.
Also well known as the place related to Ryoma Sakamoto and you can feel the history of the end of the Edo period.
A port town famous for retro Kobe Kitano Ijinkan and Nankinmachi, and its exotic atmosphere attracts people.
One of Japan's most popular tourist destinations known as a beautiful night-view spot.


Event Name Classic Japan Rally 2021 MOJI - KOBE
Event Location Kitakyushu City / Kanda Town / Beppu City / Kitsuki City / Ikata Town / Matsuyama City / Imabari City / Onomichi City / Kochi City / Mima City / Awaji Island / Kobe City and surrounding areas
Event Schedule Total 4 days - Rally on Thursday, November 25 ~ Sunday, November 28, 2021
*Start at Mojiko Station (Kitakyushu City) on Thursday, November 25 at noon.
*Goal at Kobe Harborland (Kobe City) on Sunday, November 28 at 4:30pm.
Participants 30 cars (to be planned)
Eligible Vehicles
  • Vehicle entries must be sports type vehicle (originally) manufactured in Europe or America from year 1919 to 1973.
  • Vehicles must be approved by the Event Organizer.
  • Replica vehicles are not eligible to participate.
  • Vehicles must have a valid number plate with valid car registration and valid period of inspection certificate until the conclusion of the event.
  • Vehicles manufactured in 1945 or earlier will be prioritized in some places or situations, such as where to park or the order of parking.
  • Vehicles participated in Mille Miglia will be prioritized for this event.
Rally Rule
  • Stamp Rally - Follow according to the route map for all check points to receive stamps.
  • PC Competition - Standard time running measured in 1/1000 of a second and calculated by rounding to the nearest 1/100 of a second.
Hosted By General Incorporated Association Classic Japan Rally
Planning & Management IM:PRES:SION (Impression Co., Ltd.)
Under the Auspices Japan Tourism Agency

Fukuoka Prefecture / Oita Prefecture / Ehime Prefecture / Kochi Prefecture / Hyogo Prefecture / Kitakyushu City / Kanda Town / Kitsuki City / Usa City / Matsuyama City / Ikata Town / Kochi City / Mima City / Onomichi City / Kobe City
About “Model Year Coefficient” and “Classified”
We are introducing "Model Year Coefficient" for overall results and "Classified" for each class results in Classic Japan Rally 2021 MOJI - KOBE. This is our new attempt.

■Overall Results : "Model Year Coefficient" applied
Your score is calculated by multiplying the points given to time difference of competition sections of time trial competitions (PC) conducted in the classic car rally and the model year coefficient of your vehicle.

《Model Year Coefficient》
Vehicles with the model year of 1945 or earlier … 1.25
Vehicles with the model year of 1946 to 1957 … 1.15
Vehicles with the model year of 1958 or later … 1.0

■Each Class Results : "Classified" applied
We split participants into different classes depending on their ability based on their results of specified competition sections (Classified designated sections) of time trial competitions (PC) conducted in the classic car rally.
Participating vehicles are divided into four classes, and the results of four days are announced for each class (the Model Year Coefficient not applied).
Dividing class enables participants to know their current skill level, so no matter which level they are at, they can enjoy competitions more toward a higher rank in the class.

《Results Calculation Method》
Class is divided into three levels depending on the average difference calculated by subtracting the top three worst time sections of each vehicle from valid competition sections.

Class A … Drivers with an average time difference of Classified valid competitions of 0.00 seconds or more and no more than 0.07 seconds.
Drivers who have finished in the top five overall in the past Classic Japan Rally tournaments.
Class A … Drivers with an average time difference of Classified valid competitions of 0.00 seconds or more and no more than 0.07 seconds, and Drivers who have finished in the top five overall in the past Classic Japan Rally tournaments. Class B … Drivers with an average time difference of Classified designated sections of 0.08 seconds or more and no more than 0.15 seconds.
Class C … Drivers with an average time difference of Classified designated sections of 0.16 seconds or more and no more than 0.30 seconds.
Out of Class … Drivers with an average time difference of Classified designated sections of 0.31 seconds or more.
For Preventing Coronavirus Spread
Participants are kindly requested to follow the rules below.
  • Get vaccinated.
  • Report your PCR test result if not vaccinated.
  • Take your temperature by non-contact thermometer when checking in.
  • Wear a face mask.
  • Bring your own towel.
  • Report your health status during the period from two weeks before the event to the day of the event and during the event.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------- Please note that you will not be able to participate if you meet any of the following criteria on the day of the event.
  • You have a temperature above your normal temperature (approximately 37.5℃ or over).
  • You have symptoms of cold such as cough and sore throat.
  • You have a strong feeling of weariness (fatigue) or shortness of breath (difficulty breathing).
  • You have a loss of taste or smell.
  • Your body feels heavy or you get tired easily.
  • You had close contact with a person who tested positive for COVID-19.
  • Someone in your household or someone who is close to you is suspected to have COVID-19.
  • Within the past 14 days, you have traveled to a country or a region subject to government entry restrictions or observation period after arriving in Japan, or have had close contact with a resident of said countries or regions.
What Will Happen to the Event
If Coronavirus Continues to Spread ?
On the day one month before the event (October 25, 2021), we will decide whether to hold the event in light of the circumstances surrounding COVID-19 and social conditions.
If we decide to cancel the event, we will refund the full amount of the entry fee (excluding bank transfer fee and registered mail fee).

To all participants

Participation Guide

Entry Fee

730,000 yen per vehicle for a crew of two, tax included.

A complete package for a crew of two :

Accommodation fee (4 nights)
1st night : Thu. November 25 at Kannawaen
2nd night : Fri. November 26 at Kowakuen HARUKA
3rd night : Sat. November 27 at Jyoseikan
4th night : Sun. November 28 at Hotel Okura KOBE
Thu. November 25 - Lunch & dinner
Fri. November 26 - breakfast, lunch & dinner
Sat. November 27 - breakfast, lunch & dinner
Sun. November 28 - breakfast, lunch & dinner
Mon. November 29 - breakfast
Award Ceremony and Farewell Party
Commemorative gifts, etc.
Practice Run

Thursday, November 25 from 8:30 to 10am
Moji Port quay area

Car Inspection & Check In

Thursday, November 25 from 8 to 10am
Moji Port Former Dairen Route Terminal
*For the first time participants, we have prepared the Beginner's Briefing.

Accommodation (4 nights)

1st night : Thursday, November 25 at Kannawaen
2nd night : Friday, November 26 at Kowakuen HARUKA
3rd night : Saturday, November 27 at Jyoseikan
4th night : Sunday, November 28 at Hotel Okura KOBE

Award Ceremony

Sunday, November 28 at 6pm at Hotel Okura KOBE
Dress Code :
Ladies : Nice & casual
Gentlemen : Casual(Jacket required)

Vehicle Transportation Guide (by sea, by land and by air)

How to Enter

We have ended accepting entry applications for the event at September 30th.
Thank you for entering our event.