Route Spots

  • Yamashita Pier
    Yamashita Pier
    Located next to Yamashita Park, Yamashita Pier plays an important role as a hub of port-related services at the Port of Yokohama. It is being redeveloped to newly create a vibrant center.
  • YOKOHAMA MOTOMACHI Shopping Street
    YOKOHAMA MOTOMACHI Shopping Street
    Stylish and sophisticated YOKOHAMA MOTOMACH Shopping Street is lined with attractive boutiques, retail stores, cafes, and restaurants on both sides.
  • Oiso Prince Hotel
    Oiso Prince Hotel
    You can enjoy "THERMAL SPA S.WAVE", the spa facility for adults, various sports activities, and a variety of restaurants at this relaxing seaside resort.
  • Bikers Paradise Minamihakone
    Bikers Paradise Minamihakone
    A facility for people who enjoy motorcycles. They call themselves a "paradise for bikers". You can rent the latest motorcycles and enjoy a motorcycle ride. There are also a cafe and an event space.
  • Fuji Speedway Hotel
    Fuji Speedway Hotel
    Located next to "Fuji Speedway", this hotel combines motor sports with hospitality. You can view Mt. Fuji and the circuit from the guest rooms.
  • Fuji Speedway
    Fuji Speedway
    One of the best-known circuits in Japan. Big races of domestic and international motor sports are held here. In addition to watching races, various events such as a driving session and a driving experience on the circuit are held.
  • Fuefuki City Yatsushiro Furusato Park
    Fuefuki City Yatsushiro Furusato Park
    This park is famous for its cherry blossoms and is the main venue for the "Fuefuki City Togenkyo Spring Festival". It offers a panoramic view of the Kofu Basin from a hill, and you can also enjoy “Kofun Hiroba”, where ancient tombs in Fuefuki City have been restored.
  • Suntory Tomi No Oka Winery
    Suntory Tomi No Oka Winery
    A winery that has been growing grapes for over 100 years. Their wine is made from grapes that are carefully grown one by one. You can enjoy winery tours as well as tasting of Japanese wine and noble rot wine.
    A restaurant that connects people and hearts. A "place where people spend their time with a certain 'Ito' (intention)" is their concept. You can also have a wedding here with their heartfelt specialty dishes.
  • Fruit Park
    Fruit Park
    A theme park where you can enjoy Yamanashi fruits and feel the nature, such as peaches and grapes, flowers and trees, various playground equipment, obstacle courses, Mt. Fuji, and a superb panoramic view of the Kofu Basin.
    A facility where you can experience a retreat by "Food", "Exercise" and "Healing". It has a lot to offer, including shops and restaurants with a wide variety of healthy ingredients and menus and a spa treatment experience using 100% hot spring water.
  • Enoshima
    This small island is a symbolic tourist destination of Shonan and many tourists visit here all year round. The Tokyo Olympics sailing was held at Enoshima Yacht Harbor.
  • Kamakura Prince Hotel
    Kamakura Prince Hotel
    This hotel is located on a hill overlooking Sagami Bay and all rooms have an ocean view. Shichirigahama Beach is right in front of the hotel and it also offers great access to the ancient capital of Kamakura.
  • The InterContinental Yokohama Grand
    The InterContinental Yokohama Grand
    An international hotel with a panoramic view of the city of Yokohama and the harbor. Its impressive building is inspired by a white sail of a yacht floating in the sea, and it is a symbol of the Minatomirai area.