This four-day, 900-km journey from Hakata Kawabata to Mojiko Station connects
the great outdoors of Kyushu and Yamaguchi and smiles of local people.
Under the themes of "Driving," "Interacting" and "Competing," it offers a route
where you can experience the joy of driving, stamp points where you will meet smiling faces of people in Kyushu,
and PC competition points where both beginners and advanced participants can enjoy the competitions.
We are sure that drivers and co-drivers can experience the real thrill of classic car rally
and that the four days will be an unforgettable journey for them.

AboutWhat is a Classic Car Rally ?

Course Points

StartHakata 〜 Furuyu Onsen ~ Shimabara ~ Unzen ~
Kumamoto ~ Aso ~ Beppu ~ Kitsuki ~ Bungotakada ~ Usa ~
Mojiko ~ Nagato ~ Shimonoseki ~ GoalMojiko Station


The rally starts from "Hakata Kawabata," where Hakata Gion Yamakasa is held annually,
drives through a winding road to Furuyu Onsen, and passes through Taradake Orange Kaido
and Isahaya Bay Reclamation Embankment Road to Shimabara.
After competing PC competitions at Hyakkadai Park, relax and relieve your tired body
from day one at Unzen Onsen.


 "Unzen Kanko Hotel"

 "Mt.Resort Unzen Kyushu Hotel"

*Participants will stay separately at either of the hotels.


We set off from Unzen Onsen and drive through "Mayuyama Road,"
where you can see the dynamic workings of nature such as traces of pyroclastic flows
and mud flows on Mt. Heisei Shinzan in Shimabara, then board the Kumamoto Ferry.
At "SAKURA MACHI Kumamoto" in Kumamoto, you will interact with local people with a smile.
After getting a stamp at the Honda Kumamoto Factory,
experience the great outdoors of Aso while driving through Kikuchi Gorge.
We head to today’s hotel, Beppu Kannawa Onsen where hot spring steam is rising, while viewing Mt. Yufu.


 "Sanso Kannawaen"


We set off from Beppu Kannawa Onsen, drive through the Kunisaki Peninsula,
a "power spot" where the tradition of the syncretism of Shinto and Buddhism in Kitsuki and Bungotakada
is still alive, and pass through Bungotakada City with a nostalgic and warm atmosphere of the Showa period.
Then enjoy interacting with the students with a smile at Bungotakada City Takada Elementary School.
We pass through Usa, Nissan Kyushu Plant, and Mojiko,
and cross the Kanmon Strait to Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture.
After driving through a winding road of more than 9km,
relax and refresh at Nagato Yumoto Onsen "Otani Sanso" along with your car.


 "Otani Sanso"


We set off from Nagato Yumoto Onsen.
Enjoy the great outdoors of Omi Island, the Mukatsuku Peninsula, and Tsuno Island.
We drive through a wide-area agricultural road running through Yamaguchi and cross the Kanmon Kaikyo Bridge.
At "Sakaemachi Gintengai" in Moji,
local people will warmly welcome participating vehicles that will have completed 900km.
The finish venue of the rally is "Mojiko Station",
the first station building designated as a national important cultural property.
It was restored to its Taisho period look in 2019.
All the staff will be waiting for the participants at the station square, wishing all of them cross the finish line.


 "RIHGA Royal Hotel Kokura"

Main areas where the event is staged

  • Hakata

    The city center of Fukuoka. It has developed by their own culture, and there's so much to see and do in this "modern" yet "historical" town.

  • Unzen

    An international tourist destination that was opened as a summer resort for foreign visitors in the Meiji period. It is Japan's first national park where the natural scenery changes from season to season, and steam and the smell of sulfur are drifting in the air.

  • Shimabara

    The place where the Shimabara Rebellion occurred. There is a lot of dynamic nature around "Mt. Heisei Shinzan" created by the eruption of Mt. Unzen Fugen that continued for about five years from 1990.

  • Ariake Sea
    Ariake Sea

    The largest sea of Kyushu surrounded by 4 of 7 prefectures in Kyushu. High-speed ferry "Ocean Arrow" operated by Kumamoto Ferry connects Kumamoto and Shimabara in 30 minutes and is the main transportation in Ariake Sea.

  • Kumamoto

    Kumamoto has been an important place for Japanese history of 400 years. Restoration of Kumamoto Castle severely damaged by the 2016 Kumamoto earthquakes has progressed, and the city has been going through a great change by the redevelopment of the city.

  • Aso

    Aso is located in a basin formed by the world's largest caldera in the northeastern part of Kumamoto Prefecture. You can enjoy a magnificent view of Aso from "Milk Road" running through vast grasslands.

  • Beppu

    A hot spring city known nationwide for Beppu Onsen. This tourist city is visited by more than eight million tourists every year, and also designated as an international tourist hot spring cultural city.

  • Bungotakada

    Located in the western part of the Kunisaki Peninsula in the northern part of Oita Prefecture, this city faces the Suo-Nada Sea at the edge of the Seto Inland Sea. It is known for nostalgic shopping district "Showa-no-Machi" with the theme of the 30's of the Showa period, and also rich in local resources such as a lot of nature and historical culture.

  • Nagato

    Located almost at the western end of the San'in Region, Nagato has a beautiful coastline facing the Sea of Japan. Nagato Yumoto Onsen, the oldest hot spring town in Yamaguchi Prefecture, is about 600 years old, and new community development has been ongoing there.

  • Shimonoseki

    This city has developed as a port city facing the Kanmon Strait for a long time. The "Tsunoshima Bridge,"" which crosses over to Tsunoshima Island in the Sea of Japan, stretches straight through the cobalt blue sea and is one of the longest bridges in Japan as a local road.

  • Mojiko

    A port town that supported modern Japan when Japan was prospering from the Meiji period to the early Showa. Quaint buildings built at that time still remain, and Mojiko is now one of Kyushu's popular tourist destinations as Mojiko Retro.

Please wait a moment till the route
will be released.

Special Sponsor Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.

Cheer up the local areas!
Connect smiles!

Japan Airlines supports Classic Japan Rally held with the theme of interaction with children and local people. JALJALJAL


Event Name Classic Japan Rally 2023 SEVEN STARS in KYUSHU <Rally>
Event Location Fukuoka City / Kitakyushu City / Kanda Town / Unzen City / Shimabara City / Kumamoto City / Beppu City / Kitsuki City / Bungotakada City / Usa City / Shimonoseki City / Nagato City and surrounding areas
Event Schedule Total 4 days - Saturday, November 25 ~ Tuesday, November 28, 2023
  • Saturday, November 25, 10am: Vehicle display on Hakata Kawabata Shopping Arcade (Fukuoka City)
  • Saturday, November 25, 11am: Start ceremony on Hakata Kawabata Shopping Arcade (Fukuoka City)
  • Tuesday, November 28, 2pm: Goal at Mojiko Station (Kitakyushu City)
Participants 40 cars (to be planned)
Eligible Vehicles
  • Vehicle entries must be sports type vehicle (originally) manufactured in Europe or America from year 1919 to 1973.
  • Vehicles must be approved by the Event Organizer.
  • Replica vehicles are not eligible to participate.
  • Vehicles must have a valid number plate with valid car registration and valid period of inspection certificate until the conclusion of the event.
  • Vehicles manufactured in 1945 or earlier will be prioritized in some places or situations, such as where to park or the order of parking.
  • Vehicles participated in Mille Miglia will be prioritized for this event.
Rally Rule
  • Stamp Rally - Follow according to the route map for all check points to receive stamps.
  • PC Competition - Standard time running measured in 1/1000 of a second and calculated by rounding to the nearest 1/100 of a second.
Hosted By General Incorporated Association Classic Japan Rally
Planning & Management IM:PRES:SION (Impression Co., Ltd.)
About "Model Year Coefficient" and "Classified"
In Classic Japan Rally 2023 SEVEN STARS in KYUSHU <Rally>, the "Model Year Coefficient" is applied to the overall results.
The results for each class are ranked based on "Classified".

■Overall Results : "Model Year Coefficient" applied
Your score is calculated by multiplying the points given to time difference of competition sections of time trial competitions (PC) conducted in the classic car rally and the model year coefficient of your vehicle.

《Model Year Coefficient》
Vehicles with the model year of 1945 or earlier … 1.25
Vehicles with the model year of 1946 to 1957 … 1.15
Vehicles with the model year of 1958 or later … 1.0

■Results for Each Class : "Classified" conducted
We split participants into different classes depending on their ability based on their results of specified competition sections (Classified designated sections) of time trial competitions (PC) conducted in the classic car rally.
Participating vehicles are divided into four classes, and the results of four days are announced for each class (the Model Year Coefficient not applied).
Dividing class enables participants to know their current skill level, so no matter which level they are at, they can enjoy competitions more toward a higher rank in the class.

《How to Divide Class》
Class is divided into three levels depending on the average difference calculated by subtracting the top three worst time sections of each vehicle from valid competition sections.
Past results will not be applied to class A certification for this year's rally and participants will be divided into four classes only by measurement.

Class A … Drivers with an average time difference of Classified valid competitions of 0.00 seconds or more and no more than 0.07 seconds.
Class B … Drivers with an average time difference of Classified designated sections of 0.08 seconds or more and no more than 0.15 seconds.
Class C … Drivers with an average time difference of Classified designated sections of 0.16 seconds or more and no more than 0.30 seconds.
Out of Class … Drivers with an average time difference of Classified designated sections of 0.31 seconds or more.

To all participants

Participation Guide

Travel Period

Saturday, November 25 - Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Travel Fee

820,000 yen per vehicle for a crew of two, tax included.
*There will be an extra charge of 100,000 yen if you use one room per person (two rooms).
Room upgrade - 80,000 yen
Eligible hotels: Sanso Kannawaen (Beppu) & Otani Sanso (Nagato) [limited number of rooms and first come, first-served]
Upgrade examples: suites, detached rooms, rooms with an open-air bath, etc.

*Room upgrade is fully booked.

The complete package for a crew of two includes :

Accommodation fee (one room for two persons)
Four nights (Saturday, 25, Sunday, 26, Monday, 27, and Tuesday, 28)
Saturday, 25 - lunch & dinner
Sunday, 26 - breakfast, lunch & dinner
Monday, 27 - breakfast, lunch & dinner
Tuesday, 28 - breakfast, lunch & dinner
Wednesday, 29 - breakfast
Award Ceremony & Farewell Party
Commemorative gifts, etc.
Conditions for Participation

Those who can participate with a participating vehicle specified by the event.
Those who are qualified to participate in the events approved by the organizer.

Maximum Number of Participants

80 people (40 cars) *Minimum number of participants: 60 people (30 cars)

Tour Conductor

A tour conductor will not accompany you. Local staff will guide you during the event.


Saturday, November 25
Unzen Kanko Hotel - Western-style room
Mt.Resort Unzen Kyushu Hotel - Western-style twin
*Participants will stay separately at either of the hotels.

Sunday, November 26
Sanso Kannawaen - Japanese-style room, Japanese-Western room or Western-style room

Monday, November 27
Otani Sanso - Japanese-style room, Japanese-Western room or Western-style room

Tuestay, November 28
RIHGA Royal Hotel Kokura - Western-style twin

*The hotels may change if you use one room per person.

Practice Run

Practice run will not be conducted.

Car Inspection & Check In

Saturday, November 25 from 8 to 9am
Reisen Park (Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City)
*Please book a room for the previous night by yourself.
*For the first time participants, we have prepared the Beginner's Briefing.

Award Ceremony

Tuesday, November 28, 5:30pm
RIHGA Royal Hotel Kokura
Dress Code:
Ladies: Nice & casual
Gentlemen: Casual (jacket required)

When You Apply

Please be sure to read the "Travel Terms and Conditions" and the "Standard Terms and Conditions of Travel Contracts" before applying. Standard Terms and Conditions of Travel Contracts

Travel Planning & Conduct

Impression Co., Ltd.
Kanagawa Governor Registered Travel Agency No.2-1203
〒220-8119 19F Landmark Tower, 2-2-1 Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
Tel : 045-900-0322
Email :
Hours : 10am - 17pm (except weekends and holidays)
Contact Person : Sagawa / Tamokami / Ayabe
Certified Domestic Travel Service Supervisor : Masamichi Okano
A certified travel service supervisor is responsible for transactions at a sales office that handles your travel. If you have any questions regarding this travel contract, please contact the certified travel service supervisor during the above business hours.

Vehicle Transportation Guide (by sea, by land and by air)

*Participants are kindly requested to take preventative measures against COVID-19.

Special Sponsor  YANASE & CO.,LTD.

Collaboration with "YANASE X FIELD"

Classic Japan Rally Experience

Collaboration with YANASE owner-only website "YANASE X FIELD" comes true.
You can experience Classic Japan Rally with a modern car.
YANASE X FIELD Classic Japan Rally Experience is a limited program for "YANASE X FIELD" members.
Please note that non-members cannot apply for this program.

How to Enter

We have ended accepting entry applications for the event at August 25.
Thank you for entering our event.

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